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OCV Mission Statement

The Ozarks Christian Voice magazine strives to edify the body of Christ through inspirational articles of Christian faith and courage. The Voice also supports the businesses and ministries in the Ozarks that work hard for the kingdom. By sharing what their updates and goals are, we form a unity in Christ, and are the Voice of His community.

We are made possible our advertisers. We hope that in turn our advertisers will receive blessings through your loyalty to us. By telling you about the worthy goods and services they have to share with you, we ask that you to look first at the Midwest Experts when you have a need. Our advertisers have been in our prayers for success, and you can make that happen!

In modern culture, Christianity has a hard time looking like Christ. Those who are successful need to be Voiced. Those who are not usually make it worse. Let us not be held back! Forward and growth is the Way of the Living! Take personal responsibility to move past judgments, past fears, and past failures. God has great things in store when we are united. It is our goal to galvanize the body of Christ to start living in such a manner (joy amidst adversity and outrageous charity) that the unsaved will beg us to tell them about the things of God.

It should be noted that the contents of this publication may not reflect the views of our advertisers.




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